I Want to Go There: Fields of Light

Christmas is over and the new year is five days old. But the holiday cheer still lingers on here at home, where Christmas lights make everything feel warm and special. Someday, I hope to hike in the Maniwa Prefecture, The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, or anyplace where humans haven’t scared off millions of fireflies. #bucketlisted

A series of long exposure photographs were taken in locations around the Maniwa and Okayama Prefecture in Japan. The perfect time to go here would be during June to July (rainy season) after thunderstorms, because this is when countless gold fireflies come out to mate. It’s so brilliant and spectacular!

(via thisiscolossal via polaroid dreams) (click on the photos for a larger size, or go here for more)

If you’re in the Bath area of England, there’s a Christmas light installation by Bruce Munro in the grounds of the Holburne Museum where five thousand glass spheres light up come night time. Acrylic stems with frosted glass spheres are threaded with fibre optic cables and lit by a color projector. Munro was inspired by the way barren deserts would burst into bloom after rainfall. (Apparently insects and flowers tend to do special things after a downpour. Rain brings more than just water, I suppose.)

(via Daily Mail via thisiscolossal)

Lastly, views of Europe and America from a satellite. More photos at NASA’s earth nightlights. (via A Cup of Jo)


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