Makoto Azuma

Makoto Azuma is a florist who creates insanely fantastic works of art using plants and flowers. He owns and manages flower shop Jardens des Fleurs.

His involvement with this kind of craft was unexpected. When he formed a band in junior high school, he decided to move to Tokyo to pursue music. He was looking for a job, and found work in a flower shop near his house through the classified section. Initially he didn’t even like flowers or was interested in them. But as he moved further into this world, his interest grew and changed.

Below are some Azuma’s works:

Alter Nature: We Can (2010)

Which was exhibited in AMPG, a gallery put up my Azuma himself which opened for a limited time of 2 years. At the time he created plant artwork, no galleries accepted it because of the problems caused by plants and flowers (since they are living things.) Undeterred, he decided to start AMPG, where he exhibited a new piece every month for two years. Through this endeavor and all his hard work, Azuma has been able to prove how living artwork can be handled. Recently, more galleries in Japan are accepting living artwork. Pictured above is Shiki 1.

Here’s a video about Shiki 1 and Frozen Pine:


Shiki 2 (2009)


Numero Tokyo Botanical Sculpture Vol. 3 (2011)


Flowers Strain (2011) and Flowers Distortion (2011)


Clearly, Makoto Azuma is passionate about what he does. He also has a great love and respect for plants. Future plans involve managing his flower shop and working with flowers until he dies. With all his projects, collaborations, exhibitions, and even just the setup of working with nature, I don’t see why not.

I hope to get to check out his exhibits in person someday soon!



References and sources:

Check out Azuma’s blog to see his latest works.

Shift magazine interview of Makoto Azuma.

Inhabitat feature of Shiki 2.

More photos of the Alter Nature exhibit here and here.


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