Future Home

Out of the army of photos invading my hard drive, a few images constantly pop out and stick with me.

As long as you have the patience to look, there are thousands of amazing interiors a click or page turn away. If you’re like me, its easy to get lost in the sea of inspiration. Fortunately, this first year of getting my hands design dirty has given me a clearer idea of what I want for my future home.

This amazing house is owned by Arthus Casas (an architect) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was designed by Martin Eisler. I’m a sucker for big windows that frame gorgeous views. Mine doesn’t need to be a rainforest, but I definitely want the inside of my house and nature to have a visual dialogue.

(via Wanken)

Beautiful view in Sussex, England. A winter landscape would be ideal as well.

(via Dezeen)

This is Loft 24-7 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is designed and owned by Sao Paulo-based architect, Fernanda Marques. It’s seems like a mostly outdoor house with some indoor areas, although maybe the point is that there isn’t really an in or out.  I also like the way limestone, wood panelling, glass, steel, and other texturally contrasting finishes were used to play up the concept of inside and outside.

Being the sun-hating vampire that I am, my place would probably have more indoor areas. But first, to find a climate where this kind of openness won’t give me a heat stroke.

Wouldn’t you just love to work in a “floating” office-library island?

(via The Cool Hunter)

Once again, there’s that dialogue of nature with the indoors. This house is in an upper end part of Toorak, Melbourne. It looks a lot like a very well-lit art gallery to me, because of the predominantly white scheme and minimal furnishings. (who would need a lot anyway, if you’ve got views like this?) I love the contrast between the natural and the man-made elements, which works seamlessly. If you like seeing plants but don’t like being with them, this is quite perfect.

I reckon the little office over there will feel spacious because you’ve got the outside right above and in front of you. The only downside would be if you can see them, people outside can see you too.

Imagine going down that staircase? That kind of feature would be even more fantastic if there were ducks in the pond. (My home will be like an art gallery and zoo. Just kidding.)

(via desire to inspire)

Last but not least…

The reading nook.

If I lived across a wheat field in Spain.

(via remodelista)

But if I didn’t, something like these would be just as awesome. Below, photos of Hackney House Extension in London designed by Platform 5.
(via Bustler)
In a world where populations grow exponentially, I wonder how long we still have to enjoy and afford these kinds of luxuries. Then again, no matter what comes, we’ll figure something out.
Note to self: Make very good friends with a glass supplier.

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