The 2011 Christmas Wishlist

18 days until Christmas. I’d agree with Max (2 Broke Girls) that Christmas is a ploy of companies to get people to spending. Unless you find a more creative way of going about it, holidays, birthdays, and all these celebrations bring about memories and expenses. This year, some friends and I made a no gift rule. We’ve been blessed with enough. Instead, we’re exchanging letters. And who can put a price on that?

I probably won’t be getting any of these because I haven’t been such a good girl. But being the impulsive hoarder that I am, this is my small way of remembering this for the future.


The perfect bag has arrived.

Hard Graft BACK2BACK, where have you been all this time?

I’ve finally found the perfect bag. Something that will keep me entertained and ready for any situation, without me eventually ending up as a hunchback or having the golf shoulder (but just a wee bit of both.) If I were rich enough, I’d have the black and tan versions. Black, for when I’m feeling like a spy. Tan, for the days I hang out at cafes or go shopping. Once I’ve earned enough with my secret job and real job, I’ll be getting these level-up masterpieces, thus completing my life’s quota for bags.


A nifty bracelet

The USB market has evolved to include minimalist bracelets, well-suited for the lifestyle of people who feel naked without a watch just as much as they tend to lose external storage devices. If they have a 16GB version, it’s a done deal.


A new timepiece.

It has taken twenty-three years to realize that I don’t like wearing jewelry. Necklaces are itchy, bracelets get in the way of typing, and rings just feel weird. Which leaves us with earrings and watches.  The USB bracelet and a watch are perfect because they are things I need, and come in well-thought of forms.


Shigeru Ban and my architectural dreams.

A book on the works of one of my favorite architects. I admire the pensive approach of Japanese design that plays with form, light, pattern, and layers. Aside from Shigeru Ban, I also look up to Nendo, Wonderwall, Kengo Kuma, and Tokujin Yoshioka. This takes me no closer to my architectural dreams, but we’ll get there someday. Wouldn’t it be awesome to study in Japan?


A key holding cloud pet.

Isn’t it such a cutie? Duncan Shotton created the cloud keyholder. You can watch the story behind it here. It’s amazing what can happen when a person takes a chance.


A Boardgame for inventive book nerds (and good liars).

Liebrary is a game that tests your knowledge of the first lines of books, along with your skill in writing the most believable one (in case you don’t know what the line is.) Nerdy, but FUN! The challenge lies in one’s skills in remembering, bluffing, and coming up with something people normally wouldn’t think you would. We had a great time inventing our way through the game, especially when our boy cousin wrote a surprising line for a romantic novel.

There we have it. What’s on your Christmas wishlist?


2 thoughts on “The 2011 Christmas Wishlist

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I’m looking forward to what’s in store for this blog. 😉 Your wishlist is SO interesting – man, the wishlist I came up with for Secret Santa (with my cousins) was composed of: organic shampoo, fruity bath wash and Fullybooked GCs. So practical and boring… but such is the life of the broke. We only pursue the necessities. Haha.

    Again, congrats BTan! ❤

    • I’ve based most of mine on necessities, actually. Been looking for a laptop bag and a wallet (although not up there) for a while now. And a USB! 🙂 Hehe. You and your beauty products! But in fairness, I’ve always liked showering at your place because of the interesting selections. HAHAHA. Why does your shampoo need to be organic?

      Thanks love.

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