Kami Mug

Five more days til Christmas!

I can only dream of sipping tea from this lovely mug designed by Oji Masanori. If I’m real good, maybe it’ll happen.

And if it does, I’ll celebrate with a cup of hot chocolate. #fingerscrossed


Future Home

Out of the army of photos invading my hard drive, a few images constantly pop out and stick with me.

As long as you have the patience to look, there are thousands of amazing interiors a click or page turn away. If you’re like me, its easy to get lost in the sea of inspiration. Fortunately, this first year of getting my hands design dirty has given me a clearer idea of what I want for my future home.

This amazing house is owned by Arthus Casas (an architect) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It was designed by Martin Eisler. I’m a sucker for big windows that frame gorgeous views. Mine doesn’t need to be a rainforest, but I definitely want the inside of my house and nature to have a visual dialogue.

(via Wanken)

Beautiful view in Sussex, England. A winter landscape would be ideal as well.

(via Dezeen)

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What do you find at the end of the world?

Last December 6 I found myself in an art gallery checking out the first solo exhibit of Carina Santos entitled Excavations from the End of the World.

Carina is a writer, artist, book hoarder, graphic designer, and plenty of other things. Knowing her as a friend has given me opportunity to snoop around her own belongings and enviable personal library, which can keep me happily occupied for many long hours. In many ways, the exhibit reminded me a lot about being in her room, where things are randomly but not-so-randomly composed… like there’s a story behind the pretty and ordinary things here and there, and you’re an outsider caught in the middle of something bigger than you’re aware of.

This exhibit is inspired by the feeling of being one of the last remaining archeologists rifling through the remnants of an apocalyptic event. Moving from one piece to the next felt like peeking into somebody else’s private world, as though someone was in the middle of putting together a message when the world suddenly came to an end. And here you are, wondering, and filling in the spaces. I found myself examining the pieces carefully, making sure not to miss any secret meaning hidden somewhere in the details.

The pieces in this entry are my favorites. It’s too bad they were sold before I arrived.

Here’s how the exhibit was laid out:

These collages were made through a process of selecting and putting together books, photographs, string, and other objects to create new contexts. You will see objects sliced, burned, and cropped in very specific ways for you to gather new perspectives out of juxtapositions, words, layers, what’s been taken away, and what’s been left behind.

The exhibit will be up until the end of the 2011 at West Gallery. You should also see the new work of Luis Santos, Frederick Sausa and Kaloy Sanchez exhibiting in the same place. Drop by and check them out soon!

Certainly looking forward to the next post-apocalypse, or whatever comes next.

Photos via West Gallery and Carina Santos at Nothing Spaces.

The 2011 Christmas Wishlist

18 days until Christmas. I’d agree with Max (2 Broke Girls) that Christmas is a ploy of companies to get people to spending. Unless you find a more creative way of going about it, holidays, birthdays, and all these celebrations bring about memories and expenses. This year, some friends and I made a no gift rule. We’ve been blessed with enough. Instead, we’re exchanging letters. And who can put a price on that?

I probably won’t be getting any of these because I haven’t been such a good girl. But being the impulsive hoarder that I am, this is my small way of remembering this for the future.


The perfect bag has arrived.

Hard Graft BACK2BACK, where have you been all this time?

I’ve finally found the perfect bag. Something that will keep me entertained and ready for any situation, without me eventually ending up as a hunchback or having the golf shoulder (but just a wee bit of both.) If I were rich enough, I’d have the black and tan versions. Black, for when I’m feeling like a spy. Tan, for the days I hang out at cafes or go shopping. Once I’ve earned enough with my secret job and real job, I’ll be getting these level-up masterpieces, thus completing my life’s quota for bags.


A nifty bracelet

The USB market has evolved to include minimalist bracelets, well-suited for the lifestyle of people who feel naked without a watch just as much as they tend to lose external storage devices. If they have a 16GB version, it’s a done deal.


A new timepiece.

It has taken twenty-three years to realize that I don’t like wearing jewelry. Necklaces are itchy, bracelets get in the way of typing, and rings just feel weird. Which leaves us with earrings and watches.  The USB bracelet and a watch are perfect because they are things I need, and come in well-thought of forms.


Shigeru Ban and my architectural dreams.

A book on the works of one of my favorite architects. I admire the pensive approach of Japanese design that plays with form, light, pattern, and layers. Aside from Shigeru Ban, I also look up to Nendo, Wonderwall, Kengo Kuma, and Tokujin Yoshioka. This takes me no closer to my architectural dreams, but we’ll get there someday. Wouldn’t it be awesome to study in Japan?


A key holding cloud pet.

Isn’t it such a cutie? Duncan Shotton created the cloud keyholder. You can watch the story behind it here. It’s amazing what can happen when a person takes a chance.


A Boardgame for inventive book nerds (and good liars).

Liebrary is a game that tests your knowledge of the first lines of books, along with your skill in writing the most believable one (in case you don’t know what the line is.) Nerdy, but FUN! The challenge lies in one’s skills in remembering, bluffing, and coming up with something people normally wouldn’t think you would. We had a great time inventing our way through the game, especially when our boy cousin wrote a surprising line for a romantic novel.

There we have it. What’s on your Christmas wishlist?

Good Hunting

On December 13, 2011 Hunter & Hoarder was born.

It’s cliched that I start yet another blog (harhar from my best friends) but there are just too many bookmarks and too many things out there, while the closest this poor fellow can get to any of them would be through words (and the internet). This is my way of remembering and processing the noteworthy, inspiring or even mundane things… All in all keeping the house cleaner and my wallet somewhat full.

Here’s to the people and things that make us smile.

Thank you for sharing in this momentous occasion.